Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! Hard to believe another week has come to an end, but here we are.

Today, we are going to share seven of our favorite things from the week.

We traveled up to Newport, Tennessee to share at Point Pleasant Baptist Church on Sunday. Allen preached and we gave a quick update about our plans for the fall. It was such a blessing to visit with the church family there, have lunch with Pastor Gary and Candy, and enjoy some time away from French homework! We left feeling so blessed and loved.

I took all three of the kids grocery shopping with me up this week. Ruth and Clara sat inside the cart the whole time taking pictures with my phone. Finding these little snapshots afterwards was definitely a favorite.

We had some friends over for Taco Tuesday. It is so fun seeing our kids all play together while also getting to have some good adult conversations!

The other day, we found a My Generation brand doll Jeep at a thrift store for about $3. We bought it, and Allen spent part of this week giving it a makeover to match our Jeep. We will take it to Togo and give it to the girls with some 18 inch dolls for Christmas. One year.

We also had a really encouraging talk with the Missions pastors at Brainerd Baptist Church, here in Chattanooga this week. We are exited excited to see how God continues to build our relationship with them.

Early morning runs in the park down the street from our house was a favorite, especially when the golden sun peeked over the top of the trees.

Hudson, who usually wakes up at 5 AM, slept until 7:30 AM yesterday! It felt like a miracle. He was so happy all day, took an afternoon nap, and even went to sleep at his normal time last night. Who is this big boy?!

We have a busy weekend and couple of weeks ahead of us: Clara’s birthday is tomorrow, family is coming to town to celebrate with us, we have finals coming up, and we’re trying to pack in anticipation of moving (date TBD). So we’re thankful for the quiet moments of respite this week, and thankful for friends who walk alongside us.

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