Tuesday Talk: 13 July 2021

Bonjour, nos amis ! Nous avons juste deux ou trois semains dans notre semestre – yippe !

Hi friends! We have just two or three weeks in our semester – yay!

There is so much going on in our world right now – riots in countless countries, persecution against God’s people, fear and uncertainty. What a peace-giving thing to know God has not left His throne, that Jesus is still interceding for us, and that the Holy Spirit helps when we don’t even know how to pray.

Here are some prayer requests from our corner of the world.


Allen preached at Point Pleasant Baptist Church on Sunday; if you’d like to catch his sermon and our little update at the end, click here. We praise God for an encouraging time with this loving church body. They are the hands and feet of Jesus and we love them so much.

Allen has exams today and Wednesday, then his class wraps up in three weeks. Pray for success and good time devoted to studying.

I have an oral presentation, a paper, two oral exams, and a written exam to complete by the end of next week, when my semester finishes. Again, pray for success and good time devoted to studying! We’re so thankful for our sweet friends who watch our kiddoes every Wednesday so we can study and have some time together.

We’re about 5% (or $450 per month) shy of being fully funded. Pray that God will provide full funding before we move to Quebec.


There is a big wildfire less than a mile and a half from my parent’s house in Oregon. Conditions are so dry right now that the fire has quickly grown to over 150,000 acres and is mostly uncontained. Pray for rain, for my parents’ safety, and for the fire crews working to put the fire out.

Ruth and I were talking yesterday about how by the time she turns six years old, she’ll have lived in six different places. That’s a lot of moving for a little girl. Pray that God will give Allen and I wisdom to lead and disciple our kids well. Pray for a strengthened marriage that is covered by intentionality, forgiveness, and love. Pray for our kids, too, that they’ll see Christ in every interaction we have with them and turn to Him for salvation.

We’re thankful for you, friends.

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