Tuesday talk: 6 July 2021

Hi friends and happy Tuesday! While we didn’t post on Sunday, we want to acknowledge how thankful we are to be Americans and experience the freedoms we have…

… even more than that, we are so thankful for the freedom found in Christ:

Freedom from sin. Freedom to serve. Freedom from justification by the law. Freedom to follow Christ.

Here are some ministry-related and personal prayer requests for this week:


Allen is preaching this Sunday at Point Pleasant Baptist Church, which we visited earlier this summer to share about Togo. Pray that God will grant him the words to share and that Allen will proclaim the Gospel clearly.

We’re just about three weeks from the end of our French semester. Pray for focus, perseverance, and deeper understanding of French.

We have no updates about our move to Quebec for language school. Pray for God’s timing and His will in our move.


We’re working to get in better physical shape through diet and exercise. I am running most mornings, and have grown to love seeing the sun peak over the trees in the park down the street as I make my laps on the track. Pray our efforts will yield fruit.

Family is our first ministry – our marriage, then our kids. But it’s so easy to push these critical relationships to number four or five on the to-do list. Pray for a strengthened marriage that is covered by intentionality, forgiveness, and love. Pray for quality time to invest in these relationship. Pray for our kids, too, that they’ll see Christ in every interaction we have with them.

We took a fun train ride Saturday morning!

Have a great week, friends… and please let us know how we can be praying for you, too!

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