Friday Favorites

Allen got locked in the basement this week.

I was in the shower, there was a child proof cover on the door knob, and when he ran downstairs to check something, one of our hoodlum children pushed the lock in on the door.

Allen came back up the stairs, only to be stopped in his tracks.

He called Ruth over and tried talking her through how to open the door and how to maneuver around the knob cover. Ruth kept fiddling with it then saying, “Okay, try now!” No luck.

After a few minutes, she finally managed to get the knob cover off! She threw the door open with such pizazz and pride:

… and that about sums up our week.

But really, here are some of our favorites from the week:

A trip to see “Spirit: Untamed” on Saturday thanks to Aunt Betty and Uncle Fred! It was Hudson’s first trip to the movie theater and he loved it.
Finding a giant stuffed Rex at a thrift store and giving it a new home and lots of hugs.
Sunday morning cuties who walked around the Chattanooga Market like locals after church.
Sunrise runs in the park.
Super happy and encouraged after a great chat with our friend, Matt, who serves as Pastor at Anchorage Cross and Anchor Church in Alaska. Matt and his wife Callan are such an amazing source of encouragement to our family.
Indian food lunch dates with Ashley.
Car naps after a fun day playing with sweet friends (thanks for watching our crew, Mitchell’s!!).

It was a fun and full week of continued French learning, too. We’re in our last few weeks of the semester then we have the whole month of August off to (Lord willing) move to Quebec and settle in.

We also snuck in time to record our June 2021 newsletter video. Our email update will go out this weekend!

Have a great weekend, friends. We’re thankful for you all.

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