Friday Favorites

Hudson’s been battling some teething/allergies runny nose gunk this week. And yesterday, while eating his waffle at breakfast…

He let a giant sneeze go… and it landed right on his waffle. Then with the sweetest look on his face while holding his waffle out, he said to me, “Mama, maybe we share?”

No. Not at all. But thank you for offering. And here’s a tissue.

Last Saturday, we met some friends at the children’s museum here in Chattanooga. Our kids ran around together for hours exploring all of the interactive displays and they loved every minute! Thank you, Summer and Drew for taking us!

We celebrated Allen on Sunday with a quick trip to the Chattanooga market and many restaurant mishaps that make for a good story now. I’m so thankful for how Allen loves and leads our family well.

We spent this week starting to navigate the logistics of moving to Quebec this fall. And we’re realizing that the transition will take a lot of waiting. And patience. And probably coffee. But most of all, trusting that God is working it out in His timing.

We had an encouraging chat with a friend, Pastor Tracy, this week. And during the course of our conversation, we talked about the evidences of God’s faithfulness in our lives. From our initial general callings to missions to the focus being narrowed to Africa, then Togo, then Kara, we can see how God’s hand has faithfully moved us step by step. So now we wait for the next move!

I started running again this week. Those 6:15am wake ups are made much sweeter by the golden sunlight streaming onto our porch when I’m home again at 7:00am.

We had yesterday off from class (yay for surprise Quebec holidays!) but Allen has a chapter exam today about pronouns and the subjunctive. I finished my big paper that’s due next week, so I feel pretty ready for a weekend to catch up on other homework.

Have a great weekend, friends!

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