June 2021 PDV Report

It’s the last Thursday of June, which means one thing in these neck of the woods: it’s time for our monthly language school report!

We shared earlier that we’re moving up to Quebec this fall, so we’re answering some of the questions we’ve been asked, after our school update.

Okay, so.

Allen spent the month learning about using pronouns and the subjunctive. There are several tenses rolling around in his mind now. One day this month, everyone in Allen’s class showed up in black shirts and they formed a temporary French band. Not really, but they looked like they could have have.

I learned some new pronouns and tenses, too (I’m looking at you, Futur Simple, Futur Antérieur, and Conditionnel). I also had a 5-10 page paper to write this month in French about a French sermon I listened to. I was laughing so hard listening to part of the sermon – I could not understand it at all! Here’s a little clip:

Okay, now. Some FAQs.

When are you moving to Canada?

  • Short answer: We aren’t exactly sure: it could be as early as August 2 or anytime after that.
  • Long answer: We have to wait for some logistical pieces to be in place that will allow us to request permission to apply for student visas from Quebec. Their approval could take up to ten weeks. After we have the approval in place, we can apply for the actual visas.

Do you have somewhere to live there?

Yes! A furnished apartment has been reserved for our family on-campus. We’ll be able to walk to our classes everyday. We will take up linens for our beds, but everything else is provided. Praise God!

What will your kids do?

We’re leaving them here. No, totally kidding. Ruth will be in a French kindergarten – we have a couple of options for schools to put her in. Clara may be in preschool or childcare on-campus with Hudson.

Are you driving or flying up?

We’ll drive. Everything we’re taking will have to fit in or on our Jeep. It’ll take about two and a half days to get up to our school, but we’re hoping to be able to stop and do some fun things along the way.

When will you finish language school?

We plan to be in Quebec for the 2021-2022 school year. This will allow our kids to finish up school with their friends. Allen and I will be able to take more advanced classes, which will end next summer.

We can see how God has guided our family one step at a time. We are excited to see how He opens the next door for our family.

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