tuesday talk: 22 June 2021

If you missed it last week, we shared that we’re moving to Canada in August (Lord willing) to continue our French studies!

We’ll share some more specifics about that (including a short Q&A with questions we’ve been asked) on Thursday in our June language school report. But in last Friday’s post, we shared some specific prayer requests related to our upcoming move.

  • Smooth and quick student visa application processing. We aren’t able to apply for our visas until the school receives it’s numero EDD, the school-specific number assigned by the government that allows for student visas. Pray that things move along quickly in receiving this number, submitting visa applications, etc.
  • Safety driving up in August. We’re planning to leave Chattanooga around August 2nd to drive our Jeep (and all of our belongings) up to Canada. Pray God will make a smooth road for us!
  • Smooth passage into Canada. Pray that when we arrive at the US/Canadian boarder, the crossing is quick and uneventful.
  • Full funding by July 31st. We’re trusting that God will close the gap in our support and provide the 6% (about $450) that’s lacking.
  • Wisdom with Ruth and Clara’s schooling in the fall. Pray we’ll be able to help them transition well to immersive French classrooms.

It’s amazing though – on Sunday, we heard three times from three different people the phrase, “Jesus Christ is enough.” In our missions life group, in the Sunday service, and from a friend in Alaska (*cough*Matt*cough*).

Jesus is enough. He is more than enough.

Stress about packing everything while finishing classes? Jesus is enough.

Stress about not getting visas back in time or some mishaps while driving? Jesus is enough.

Concerned about throwing our girls into French school? Jesus is enough.

May we always turn our eyes away from our coffee, our afternoon naps, our workout regimes, our meal plans, our progress in French, and ourselves and remember that in all things, Jesus is enough.

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