Tuesday Talk: 15 June 2021

Exam week is behind us and we’re diving into the next chapters at Parole de Vie.

Thank you all for praying – God is faithful and I passed my two chapter exams with good marks. Of course, my written exam was much better than my oral (which is completely normal). No word about our Bible exam scores yet, but Allen and I are both confident that we did well.

Before we share some prayer requests, here’s a link to the June MK video. Clara took the reigns this month and had a ball making this video with Allen:

We know God hears and answers our prayers, so this is what we’re trusting Him with this week:

We’re really praying as a family that we’ll be able to move to Quebec this fall. Please pray with us that we’ll be able to make that transition to Canada in August and be settled there for our fall 2021 term.

We’ve now been studying language non stop for over six months. We’re thankful for this season, but it’s pretty exhausting. Please continue to pray for perseverance, comprehension, humility, and good rest in the face of learning.

We’ve tried to sneak in some top- and doorless Jeep adventures the last few days. Sunday, on our drive home from church, both Clara and Hudson fell asleep in the backseat, despite the wind and noise! We’re thankful for hot days (and sunscreen)… and for how God is using even the weather to prepare us for the mission field.

Have a great week, friends.

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