Five on Friday

Happy Friday! Between classes, exams, VBS, rain storms, and trying to find ways to get out of the house, we’ve had a busy week! Here are five of our five favorites.

I volunteered to help with check-in at VBS Jr this week… before I knew I had three exams. So every night, I drove the girls to VBS, checked in kiddos for 45 minutes, then snuck out to study French! It actually worked out perfectly: I could still help out, I could get our girls settled in their classes, and then I had two hours of uninterrupted time to study. I’m going into Friday’s exams feeling well prepared… but I’ll probably still review things in the morning.

Since the girls were at VBS all week, Allen and Hudson had lots of man time together. They played with trains (see below), watched “Thomas the Train” (as Hudson calls it), and just hung out. So fun!

It rained off and on all week, but we found a break in the clouds to visit the neighborhood park. We hadn’t been since before Clara broke her toe, and the kids were so excited.

Hudson gave up his pacifiers this week in exchange for a new train set. He’s spent all week playing with it and is so pleased with himself.

Ruth and Clara went to a darling birthday tea party last Saturday. They looked adorable in their fancy dresses, loved playing, and ate lots of cake. Win win!

That’s a wrap, friends. We’re spending the weekend resting and finding a fun adventure or two between rain showers. We’re thankful for you!!

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