Tuesday Talk: Exams & Another Broken Bone

Guess what?! Allen broke his first bone over the weekend…

We wish we had an epic and intriguing story behind what happened, but… we don’t. He simply stubbed his pinky toe, breaking it in the process, and tripped to the floor. With that, please pray for pain relief as he chases kids throughout the day and for quick healing.

Ruth keeps asking if he needs a boot like Clara’s. Too bad we already put hers on the shipping container in Alaska.

Here are some other ways you can be praying this week:

  • We have big tests this week! Tomorrow is our major Bible exam, which includes scripture memory, Bible vocab and pronunciation…. All in French, of course. Plus, Melissa has a chapter test on Friday that covers the subjunctive, pronouns, and negations, plus other things. Please be praying that we can recall the things we’ve studied and learned thus far as we take these tests.
  • Pray that we are able to move to Canada for the fall semester so we can learn French through immersion.
  • Pray for wisdom in transitions to Canada and to Togo.
  • It’s VBS week! Pray for Fairview Loop Baptist Church, Brainerd Baptist Church, Hillside Baptist, and the many others who are hosting VBS and sharing the Gospel this week.

Thank you so much for praying, Friends! Have a blessed week and know that we are praying for you too!

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