Five Faves

What a whirlwind of a week full of travels, sunsets, and French exams!

Through all of the craziness that is our day-to-day life, we do have some favorite moments. Here are our top five from the week:

1. The kiddos loved hanging out with cousins last weekend in Alabama. We were only in town for about a day, but we squeezed in donuts, playing, lunch, and dinner with family.

2. Hudson found a new passion for playing the piano in Alabama, too. He was so pleased with himself for being able to make “music.” Good thing he got his cast off last week.

3. I looked outside the other day and saw our bird feeder shaking… because a bird was trapped inside of it! He (or she) snuck through the hole on top and then couldn’t get back out. Allen was everyone’s hero when he released the bird back into the wilderness of our side yard.

4. I looked back in the car the other day and Clara and Hudson were holding hands. They’re such sweet little friends.

5. We sent out our May 2021 newsletter! It’s short and sweet and gives a quick glimpse of what’s been going on lately.

Allen and I both have Bible exams next week, plus I have an oral and a written exam. To say we’re a little stressed is an understatement. So this weekend will be full of studying and coffee.

Have a great weekend, friends!

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