Happy Birthday, Melissa!

Today we celebrate Melissa’s birthday! So I, Allen, am guest-posting in her honor. Here are five fun facts about about her and the blessing she is.

Melissa loves God, her family, and her friends. Every day she strives to make the Lord known through her conversations with others and her generous heart. As a wife, she continually looks for ways to encourage me in the Lord, work through the hard times, and enjoy the sweet moments in life. As a mother, she always looks for ways to point our kids back to God and demonstrates great patience, love, and Grace towards them.

Melissa is creative. Whether it’s crocheting, knitting, sewing, or teaching the kids a new skill or trying a new craft idea, Melissa pours her heart into it and makes the most beautiful things.

Melissa is adventurous. One of our first dates was snowshoeing in Alaska. When our we told the Lord, “Yes, we’ll go anywhere and do anything,” we didn’t know what to expect. But Melissa even thought it was fun camping in our Jeep as we drove through Canada last year!

Melissa is a life-long learner. She is always looking for ways to learn, whether it’s through formal schooling, adapting to new cultures through experience, researching fun or challenging topics, or watching documentaries, she works hard to learn new things and better understand the world around her.

Melissa loves coffee and all things cozy. If you were to ask her what a relaxing day might consist of, coffee, cozy sweaters and/or blankets, yarn, and a good book would likely be on her list… and snuggles.

Happy Birthday Melissa!

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