Happy Friday! Last weekend was jam packed, but this week is pretty normal… so today, we are sharing one favorite for each person from the last seven days.


I told Hudson his feet were dirty the other day, so he grabbed a wet wipe and tried cleaning them off. I don’t actually know if this was his favorite part of the week, but it definitely made me laugh.

Clara & Ruth:

Clara and Ruth had their first sleepover last Friday night at our house. A sweet friend from church came over to play, watch a movie, “sleep,” and eat donuts the next morning. She and Ruth stayed up late into the night talking about four- and five-year-old things of great importance, and we loved hearing their giggles from the next room. They had such a fun time together!


Crazy hair, cozy sweatshirts, big smiles, and a lifelong friend. These are the signs of a happy Saturday. We drove up to Knoxville after the girls’ friend left on Saturday and spend the rest of the day with the Gurley family. It seems like no matter what, we leave their house feeling refreshed and ready for the next thing.


Currently learning how to tell time in French. So when I saw this earlier this week, I had to show it to him. He laughed, and subsequently shared it with all of his classmates. It’s so funny to think about how clocks work and English. And when you throw in a foreign language to the next, it feels even more ridiculous.

So that was our week. We’re learning new things, doing lots of homework, and sleeping when we can. We have had lots of late nights and early mornings, unfortunately. When do kids start sleeping late in the morning? Asking for a friend.

Have a great weekend, friends.

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