Happy Friday!

We reached the end of the first week of our second semester of language school, Allen is home after a whirlwind trip to Alaska, and we are looking forward to a fun-filled weekend with friends.

Allen’s trip to Alaska was to support a dear friend, Cindy, whose husband entered eternity about two weeks ago. She was so surprised to see Allen walk into the memorial service and immediately asked him if he would like to say a few words. It was such a blessing to Allen to honor Ken’s memory and reflect on the special relationship they shared as friends, mentor/mentee, partners in ministry, and more.

Allen was also able to visit with other dear friends in Alaska. He came home exhausted, but with a very full cup!

Meanwhile, I went to a women’s conference at our church with our Life Group ladies! I felt so challenged to live faithfully and am thankful for community here that strives for that together.

Also, I had the kids (and myself) dressed and to church early on Sunday!

Classes started again for us on Tuesday. You know at the beginning of a semester when all the assignments and projects feel like too much, like there’s no way you can get them all done? That’s how we feel right now. The task before us is big… but we’re thankful that God is bigger.

A friend from language school, Lisa, and I decided to read a book together this term. So our mini-book club kicked off this week, too. We aren’t in the same class any more, so it’s fun to still be able to connect regularly.

And finally, we shared our April 2021 newsletter this week! Click here to read it or watch the video version below.

Our girls are having a sleepover with a friend tonight, then we’re going to visit friends in Knoxville on Saturday. In between, we’ll be studying, working on French projects, and trying to get organized for the semester.

And drinking lots of coffee.

Have a great weekend!

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