The Friday before finals…

… is here! We had a Bible exam this week and next week, we’ll battle our way through vocabulary, pronunciation, oral, and written exams. But first, the weekend.

As we enter our last week of class for this term, this meme made us laugh:

We’ve lived a lot of life in the last two weeks.

Clara broke her toe…

And last Tuesday, we found out Hudson has a buckle fracture in his right wrist. We’re still waiting for our referral to the ortho to go through so we can see what is really going on. But for now, he’s in a splint that gets stained more and more everyday because he’s a two-year-old boy who likes to play and doesn’t always eat neatly.

Ruth is still all in one piece, praise God!

So anyway, we’ve had a rough week. I was angry and impatient with our kids yesterday and needed to apologize for my behavior. And then we needed a reset. So we made these totally silly but fun cardboard faces with rainbow pipe cleaners and beads hair and it felt so good to reconnect with the kids like that.

The other thing that encouraged us this week? Reading through Hebrews. God spoke such love through chapters 10 and 11 and if you need an encouraging word yourself, head there.

And the other other encouragement this week? Friends near and far who speak Truth, pray for us, and encourage us. Emails, texts, phone calls, dinners… every single thing blesses our hearts and lives. We love you.

We’re heading out of town for the weekend to share at a church on Sunday! Have a great weekend!

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  1. Praying for you both as you continue to prepare for finals and the follow on semester of language school. May God bless you as you share this Sunday and let the fruit of your effort spark others to partner with you for the Kingdom 🙏🏻

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