Tuesday Talk: 20 april 2021

We feel like brand new people, y’all.

Yesterday, a sweet friend watched our kids for over seven hours so that we could do homework and prepare for Wednesday’s big Bible exam. Their kids are about the same ages as ours, so while they all played cars and dress up and watched movies, Allen and I had uninterrupted hours to study the books of the Bible, practice vocabulary, work on our memory verses, and more.

We didn’t realize how stressed and tired we ended each day, until all of a sudden, we didn’t end a day like that.

Summer (and Drew), if you’re reading this, THANK YOU a million times over. You blessed our hearts and our family more than you know.

Also, how cute are these little girlies playing dress up?!

So this week, we’re thankful for friends who love our family intentionally and with abandon.

We’re also thankful that Clara’s foot seems to be healing. She’s in the boot for another week or so, then we have a check-up on Monday. Thank you for praying for her!

We’re thankful to have just about a week left in classes this term and we’re thankful for the progress we’ve seen. Just last night, I had a conversation/tutoring session and successfully used several of the more complicated aspects of the French language.

We’re thankful for an opportunity to share at a church here in TN this Sunday. A Pastor friend from Alaska now pastors a church here in TN. He and his wife invited us to visit and share what God is doing in Togo. It’ll be a nice break before the stress of finals.

So, in light of all that, you can pray for:

  • Our Bible exam on Wednesday
  • Our presentation on Sunday
  • Final exams next week
  • Clara’s little foot
  • Ramadan

We pray for you often, friends… and we praise God for you.

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