Happy Friday!

Oh my lands, it feels like 100 days have been lived in the last week. How has it only been seven days?!

If you missed it on Tuesday, last Friday, Clara broke one of the growth plates in her foot. We didn’t know it was that bad until Saturday morning, when her toe was bright red and about three times its normal size. Allen and I spent Saturday morning running her to different urgent care clinics to be examined and get x-rays before finally crashing at home in the afternoon. Then the whole running around situation was repeated (except way worse) on Monday afternoon, trying to get her treatment plan underway. Needless to say, we’re happy she’s in a boot now and we have a follow-up appointment in about a week.

Bonus for Clara: Fun surprise “Get well soon!” presents in the mail!

We had a great surprise visit from one of Allen’s sisters on Monday! Her family was in Chattanooga for a long weekend. We hadn’t seen her since before Christmas, even though they live just in Alabama, so it was a really fun time together.

The girls and I started having Girl Time (almost) every evening. After dinner, they put on pajamas and we sit together on my bed. We put on chapstick and lip gloss, I fix their hair for bed and tell them why I’m proud of them that day, we put on lotion, and then I read to them from the Bible and we talk about it. We’ve been reading in Isaiah 43 and I love getting to tell my daughters, “God calls you by name. You are His. He is with you. You are precious in His sight. He loves You.” This sweet time has quickly turned into something we all look forward to.

Hudson was very sad to not be included in Girl Time, so he and Allen now have Boy Time where they play with Legos and do manly things. I’m not sure what that means, but it seems like a good thing so far.

Typically, our kids aren’t allowed in our room when Allen and I are in French class. But this week, Ruth and Clara asked if they could sit quietly coloring pictures while I had class. So that’s what they did! They were distracting, yes, but I gained some new artwork for my side of the bed.

Finally, Allen and the kids made the April 2021 MK Story! You can watch it here:

Have a great weekend, friends! Here’s to no more broken bones.

One thought on “Happy Friday!

  1. Busy, busy, busy! But in the midst of it all God is at work. We are praying for healing, as well as endurance and focus for papa and momma as they are in language school!


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