Tuesday Talk: 13 April 2021

If you missed our posts on Facebook or Instagram over the weekend, you’ll be surprised to hear that this week, we have a three-year-old kiddo stomping around our house in a walking boot while we pray that the growth plate in her foot will heal.

Yup. Clara experienced a Salter-Harris type 2 fracture on the growth plate in one of her toes. While playing outside in the sprinkler on Friday, she rolled over her toe with her scooter. She complained off and on Friday about it hurting, but we figured it was nothing serious. Then Saturday morning, her toe and foot were swollen and bright red. Oops.

So on Saturday, we took her to the urgent care up the street from our house; they transferred us to another urgent care for x-rays. The original urgent care called us with the x-ray results, confirming that Clara’s toe was broken. But since it was Saturday, everything was closed… so we began a long wait until Monday morning.

Now let me pause here: Knowing what you know about our family, I’m sure you’re not surprised to hear that the journey to get that walking boot was akin to something that one would experience in, say, Togo. So without going into all the details, I’ll give you the highlights:

  • The first doctor we went to wouldn’t help Clara because she’s too young.
  • The Medical Assistant there made us an appointment with a (better) doctor, but we only had about an hour and a half to get copies of the x-rays and make it back across town to the 2:45pm appointment.
  • While trying to get copies of the x-rays, we drove 20 minutes to the wrong urgent care, then another 15 minutes to the correct urgent care…
  • … Where we waited for 30 minutes to get the CD containing the x-rays.
  • Then we raced 25 minutes across town again to be there by about 2:52pm.

It was stressful and I had to choose between laughing or crying or just getting it done. And this time, getting it done won out.

So anyway, Clara has a walking boot on for the next two weeks, at which point she’ll have another appointment and we’ll decide next steps for her.

Please pray for her quick and thorough healing!

She’s been such a trooper through this whole ordeal, hardly complaining or making a fuss about things. But her toe is still really red and swollen and I’m sure it hurts!

Ramadan starts this week, too. Ramadan is a holy month to Muslims where they devote themselves to fasting during daylight hours in hopes of drawing close to Allah. According to the Joshua Project, about 16% of people in Togo are Muslim; other resources have put this figure closer to 20%. Either way, these are people who have devoted themselves to something that is false and leading to nothing but death and eternal separation from God.

Please pray for Muslims in Togo (and across the world) to come to know the One True God during Ramadan.

This 30 Days of Prayer guide can walk you, your family, a small group, or a church through how to pray strategically for Muslims during this time. Set it as your internet browser’s homepage so that you can pray everyday for the next month.

That’s all we have this week. Thanks for praying for Clara, and thanks for praying for Muslims during Ramadan.

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