Happy Friday!

First off: Thanks for your support on yesterday’s post. We’re looking forward to reducing some stress, having more time for French, and getting to share more about what we’re learning at the end of each month.

Now onto the fun stuff! Here are a few things we loved about this week:

Trips to Sonic for Happy Hour icees in 80* spring weather.
Spying Hudson in the middle of a messy room “reading” quietly to himself.
We built an Elsa castle out of random Legos and it’s been played with daily this week.
Ruth received some stickers in the mail… and promptly used them all. On her face.
AND Ruth lost her first tooth this week! She was pretty nervous, so it held on a lot longer than it should have!
But of course, celebrating Easter together with our TN church family was the best! Christ is risen and I pray we never forget that.

Have a great weekend, friends!

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