Thursday Update

About this time last year, we used a self-reflection tool as part of our Field Prep Seminar training with ABWE to evaluate our current levels of stress.

At the time, we were pretty near the top of the stressed out scale… so much so, in fact, that if we had just a few more points, we’d be in the “Perpetually Sick” category. We remember laughing together because we knew we’d be there soon enough, and there wasn’t really much we could do about it.

Well, guess what.

We’re in that level now.

And it really isn’t very funny when you’re constantly living in that level of stress and your immune system is failing as a result. Dare I say, it’s stressful.

So we’re going to cut back on our normal Thursday posts to help reduce some of that stress.

Thursday posts were originally designed to be ministry-focused and right now, our ministry is language school. That’s it.

At the end of every month, we’ll share an update about how language school is going, what we’ve learned, and a verse or two in French. This is to keep you up to date with how our learning is going and also be an encouragement to us so we can see that yes, we are making progress!

We’ll be back here tomorrow for some of our weekly favorites, then again on Tuesday for prayer requests. But in the meantime, we’re off to study more French, take some deep breaths, drink plenty of water, and try to sleep.

See you tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Thursday Update

  1. Praise God! It is healthy to prune back certain areas in our lives so that we can focus our energy into our highest priorities. We support you guys (as if you needed our approval 🤣) cutting back in healthy ways so that you can focus on language school.

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