Looking Back: Part 7

Today’s our last “Looking Back” post… because it pretty much catches us up to where we are now. Today’s post is all about how God allowed us to start language school last fall and then really pick it up this January.

But if you missed the other posts, here you go:

Our first trip here to TN allowed us to take part in a two-month language course. It gave us an intro to French that allowed us to start our formal training out on the right foot. We loved it and were exhausted and overwhelmed most of the time! Here’s a glimpse of that time.

But this January, we started our formal language studies… through a different school than we’d expected… in a very different format than we’d expected! But different is still good.

Here’s where we talk about the ministry of language school and here’s where we answer some FAQs about language school.

We’re very thankful for our opportunity to study French and very excited to see how God uses it in the future for His kingdom!

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