Tuesday Talk: 30 March 2021

Did we ever tell the story about when we first arrived at our rental house here in Tennessee?

When I first wrote down the address for our house here, I incorrectly recorded the final digit incorrectly (think 3305, when it should have been 3306). We ordered envelopes with the (incorrect) address on them, told other people our (incorrect) address, set up renter’s insurance at our (incorrect) address, and plugged the (incorrect) address into our GPS for our long drive from Oregon to Tennessee.

And when we finally arrived in our neighborhood, we turned down our street so excited to finally lay our eyes on our home in person… only to have it not be there. The house number I wrote down did not exist. At all.

There was every single house number except the one (we thought) we needed.

So we turned around and drove through the neighborhood again… slower this time… still towing that U-Haul trailer.

And again, nothing.

If you’re familiar with Harry Potter, there’s a scene in one of the books where a house magically appears out of thin air. And I remember thinking to myself, “Oh man, what if it’s like in Harry Potter, but we don’t know the safe words and nothing ever appears?”

I also had the thought of, “Wow, this could be a MASSIVE prank gone terribly wrong for us. What if this mission house doesn’t even exist?!”

Praise the Lord, we had contact information for the home owners. I sent them a message asking them to confirm the address… and, with the right house number in my mind this time, we were able to find it, on the opposite side of the street than we’d been looking.

So don’t worry, there were no safe words or pranks to blame… just my poor listening and documenting skills.

Ruth and Clara in front of our house!

That story doesn’t really connect to anything else we’re sharing today. Sorry. It’s just a fun story we wanted you all to know.

Praises and Prayer Requests:

  • I (Melissa) have my next big French exam on Thursday. Pray for diligence in studying for success.
  • We have a four-day weekend to celebrate Easter and are very much looking forward to celebrating our risen Savior with our Brainerd Baptist friends.
  • Allen and I have been running several times a week; it feels good to be out in the warm spring air!
  • Pray for Easter services this weekend, that many people will attend in-person or online and hear amd accept the Good News of the Gospel.

That’s about it this week – we are thankful for you.

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