Tuesday Talk: 23 March 2021

When my parents were visiting last week, we had an opportunity to show them what our life here is really like. And spoiler alert: it’a boring.

Not boring, as in we have nothing to do. We have lots to do. Everyday is full to the brim.

But for the most part, the fullness comes from learning French, running a household, raising kids, and investing our marriage.

We’re living the day-to-day just like so many of you, which is great! And also unglamorous and predictable.

But it’s in those moments that our faithfulness is revealed, that idols in our hearts are torn down, and that we can either point to or away from our Creator.

Yesterday, right before sitting down to a nice lunch on our patio, a neighbor from across the street called out to say hi. We left the table and spent a few minutes chatting with her about life, kids, and popcorn.

And then, shortly after that, our mail carrier drove by and we waved enthusiastically at him and shouted hi.

We are planted here in Chattanooga for such a time as this: to do the day-in, day-out work of laundry and dishes and kids and toys and marriage and language learning.

So this week, we just ask that you pray we are faithful:

  • Faithful to the calling to learn.
  • Faithful to our marriage and kids.
  • Faithful to our Heavenly Father.

And we’re praying the same for you. May God be glorified wherever we are.

PS – We’re adding this one mid-morning, but Ruth has gotten sick a couple times today already… we aren’t sure what’s causing all this sickness to linger in our family, especially after cleaning and sanitizing nearly everyday. But pray that she’ll feel better ASAP and we’ll know what to do to ensure health for our family.

One thought on “Tuesday Talk: 23 March 2021

  1. I really appreciate the positive outlook that you shared on the “daily grind.” It’s good to be reminded that God has us right where we need to be, and that alone should produce JOY!

    Thanks for the great reminder!

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