Friday Favorites: 19 March 2021

Sometimes when we teach kids’ classes, we make the kids retell the lesson in 10 words. It’s a great way to have them recap what stood out, and we always love how they synthesize everything we discussed.

Well, to sum up this week in ten words, I’d say, “We had adventures, did homework and tests, and didn’t sleep.”

We a great week! Here’s what we did:

Saturday, we took a train ride on a steam engine! It was super fun. We bought donuts on our way to the station and ate them onboard. It was rainy and chilly and honestly, the perfect way to get out of the house and be together.

Sunday we had church, Allen made the newest MK story, and the girls took silly pictures with me.

Monday we kicked off another week of French class. My parents came back to town on their drive home to Oregon. We were so glad to see them again!

Tuesday, we had class like normal. During my morning break, we were able to connect with the latest group of ABWE missionaries and hopefully encouraged them. That night, we also connected with three AWANA groups at one of our partnering churches in Alaska! We talked about Togo and how they can be a missionary, then taught them a Bible verse in French.

One of the AWANA groups at Hillside Baptist Church, Anchorage.

Wednesday, after we finished classes for the day, we loaded up and went to the aquarium! We love walking around the saltwater side, so we started there. We spent lots of time with the penguins and sharks before heading to the freshwater building and then pizza. It rained a ton all day, so we practically swam to dinner and back to the car!

Thursday, we said goodbye to my parents. Allen and I had class. The kids played outside. We went to Life Group. And we did homework.

Have a blessed weekend, friends!

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