Looking Back: Part 5

On Tuesday morning, we had a chance to talk briefly with the newest ABWE missionaries about our time on prefield and what God taught us during that time. He has taught us so many things over the last three years, including patience, perseverance, and how to pack the most efficiently.

Oh the packing…

Once our container arrived in early March 2020, our weeks quickly filled with gathering, sorting, wrapping, packing, and repacking. And, of course, we were trying to do that at the start of a global pandemic (yay, Covid!). This meant that our online orders were often delayed (because things like produce bags and cling wrap were no longer considered essential items) and we got lots of interesting looks at the store while buying four year’s worth of clothes and shoes for our three kids. I had countless check lists and index cards that I took with me to stay organized about who needed what size… and it was a lot to keep track of!

We packed our container over the course of about three months, adding the last few items a day or two before we drove out of Alaska. There’s still a little bit of space in there, so when we go back to Alaska to coordinate shipping, we’ll be able to tuck a few more things in there (like peanut butter and chocolate chips).

Here’s the packing video we made to commemorate this huge accomplishment:

And if you missed our other “Looking Back” posts, you can find them here:

We hope you’re enjoying these little looks back. We sure are. It’s been a wile ride but we’re so thankful for it all.

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