Friday Favorites: 12 March 2021

We have a week of French back under our belts after our week-long break and we are embracing the weekend with expectant joy… in part because tomorrow morning, we’re getting donuts and going on a train ride.

So let’s look at everyone’s favorite from the week:

Hudson – We started low-key potty-training Hudson. We aren’t ending the week with as much passion or focus as we started it, but this kid is loving adding stickers to his train poster. So that’s a win, if nothing else!

Clara – We finally got the kids’ scooters reassembled and any chance she could, Clara was riding hers all over our driveway, at the park, and even in the grass! We are on the hunt for a bigger helmet this weekend, but the knee pads she wears have more than paid for themselves with all of her little tumbles.

Ruth – Last weekend, we put together some little play-doh play boxes for the kids. We were hoping it would allow Allen to do some extra French studying in the morning. What we didn’t expect was for Ruth to play with hers for about three hours the first time around! I’m not even kidding. She sat at the table creating all morning long. It was so fun watching her!

Melissa – Brainerd Baptist Church has a Winter Women’s Tea Party every winter. This year’s was postponed, but last night all the women gathered for a nice dinner, some time of worship, and an encouraging discussion about God’s faithfulness. I’m so thankful for a church that encourages their people to live and grow in community.

Allen – In addition to some great feedback about his progress in learning French, we had a fun dinner with Chris and Emily. Chris’s parents own the house we’re renting and he grew up in Africa. It was fun hearing about his life, meeting Emily, and sharing about God’s calling on our lives. And we ate enchiladas, which have quickly become one of our “Go-To” meals.

Well, that’s about it for this week. We hope you have an awesome, relaxing, and Christ-honoring weekend.

2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: 12 March 2021

  1. As I read through this post I could literally hear the weeks worth of rest embedded throughout it. Praise God for constantly providing what is needed when it’s needed. Thanks for sharing the story’s and for updating us on the regular. You guys rock!

    We will continue to pray for you both as you continue your language education.

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