Looking Back: Part 4

We’re spending a few weeks reflecting on what God has done in our journey to Togo, as we celebrate our three-year anniversary of being appointed this month!

So far, we’ve talked about our initial calling and appointment to Togo, reaching 50% of our financial support, and taking our site visit.

Things kind of stayed even-keel for our family after the site visit for several months. We continued working on ABWE assignments, building our partnership team, and living normal life.

But in February 2020, things started changing really quickly for us. First up? Getting our shipping container.

Packing up all of our earthly belongings to go in a giant metal box that will be shipped to the middle of nowhere West Africa is a process. But that process has to start with the container itself. Only after getting that done could we actually pack stuff, then sell our house, then move.

So on a snowy day in February 2020, we drove into Anchorage, selected the features for our shipping container, and signed the paperwork to have it delivered to our house as soon as possible.

Click here to read more about that day, then next week, we’ll see how that quickly kicked off the next few steps we took as a family.

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