Tuesday Talk: 9 March 2021

The high today is supposed to be 70* and I just want us to pause to enjoy that fact for a minute.

I’m not bragging. I promise. I enjoy cold and snow as much as the next person. And I would be remiss not to note that we have rain and storms in the forecast for four days next week, too.

But the morning sunshine streaming through our living room windows the last week or so has had such a positive impact on our home and family.

Ruth’s been finding the sunlight everyday.

We are finally over that pesky illness that plagued our family for two and a half weeks. Being back “in the land of the living” on Sunday for church was such a blessing; we left feeling challenged and encouraged.

And yesterday, French classes started back up again. We’re settling back into the rhythm of language learning and feeling some of those growing pains when you do something new and hard. Yesterday, I read a French word and had an innate understanding of what it meant… but no way to translate it into English.

Anyway, here’s how you can pray for us this week:

  • We have an exam in our Bible class tomorrow. Pray that our studying will be rewarded and God will be honored in our efforts to memorize His word and learn the vocabulary necessary to teach and preach.
  • Pray that we will make the most of our time. It’s easy to get distracted by less-than-important things and allow that to derail the whole day.

We know there are heavy things going on in others’ lives: recent passings of loved ones, illness, hard decisions, uncertainties marked by fear. We are praying for you and that God will use your hard situation, whatever it may be, for your good and His glory. That may seem impossible. “How in the world?!” you may be asking yourself. We’ve been in those situations, too. We understand (at least in part). But God is God of the impossible and He will not give His glory to another. So persevere, friend. Do the next thing. And see how God is strengthening your arms and your heart as you follow Him.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Talk: 9 March 2021

  1. Well, for a second there I was like this introduction is just plain mean, lol. Callan and I couldn’t agree more, as we too are praying for more sun light. Just last week we were laying in front of our bedroom window as the light shined through and we could feel a little heat.

    What a blessing to be over the sickness completely. We hope that you both excel and conquer the upcoming tests.

    Thanks for sharing and keeping us updated, enjoy the warm weather and God bless!

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