Looking Back: Part 3

We’ve already spent some time reflecting on our initial calling and appointment to Togo and reaching 50% of our financial support. What’s the next milestone? For our family, it was our site visit.

Our partnership development slowed down a lot after the summer of 2018, due in part to preparing for and having another baby (Hudson was born in January 2019). We also experienced a lot of illness in the fall of 2018, Allen was taking classes full-time, and I was working full-time. But by spring 2019, we had reached 60% of our financial support and were ready to take our site visit to Togo. So Allen, Hudson, and I left for Togo in early May and spent ten days traveling across the country we’ll soon call “home.”

We ended up writing a lot about our site visit, so I’ve linked each post below. If you can only pick one, watch our site visit video. Enjoy this look back!

4 thoughts on “Looking Back: Part 3

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