Five on Friday

Happy Friday! We are finally on the upswing after nearly two weeks of being sick. Today’s post will be short and sweet…

… especially since we spent nearly all week at home in pajamas watching movies!

So in no particular order, here are our favorites from the week:

1. It’s been so fun reflecting on the journey God has brought us on as we approach our three-year anniversary with ABWE. If you missed yesterday’s post, you can read it here!

2. We have had so many people rally in support of us the last two weeks. More than once we have opened our front door to meals and groceries from kind and generous friends. There were days of while we were sick that we only had a good meal because someone brought it by. Otherwise, we would have survived on cold cereal and frozen meatballs.

3. We passed our days with lots of snuggles and movies. Allen and I still had to attend classes, but when we weren’t in class, we were snuggled up with the kids on the couch. I showed them one of the “Brave Little Toaster” movies from my childhood and while I don’t think they were super impressed, I loved it!

4. We finally felt well enough yesterday to venture into the warm sunshine for a little bit. We drew with chalk and the kids ran around some before we headed back inside. Those few ministers of vitamin D were so welcome!

5. We decided to celebrate feeling better with some Sonic ice cream cones after dinner yesterday! Sticky mess aside, it was a fun way to round out the week.

So that’s it! We’re spending the weekend hopefully getting over the last of these allergies/colds/whatever they are. Hope you are staying healthy and enjoying some spring sunshine!

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