Looking Back: Part 2

Last week, we started looking back at this almost three-year-long journey of stepping out of “normal life” and into the calling God gave us for international missions. (If you missed part one, click here!)

For every missionary family developing their own partnership team (i.e., not being fully funded by their sending agency), hitting 50% of their monthly support is a really big deal. For many families, this milestone represents many things:

  1. It is often a confirmation of God’s calling on their lives.
  2. It is usually the point at which they can start drawing finances to support their family as they commit to full-time partnership development.
  3. It opens the doors for the next round of required training opportunities with their sending agency.
  4. It demonstrates to other people the commitment the missionary family has to their calling.
  5. It marks the half-way point of partnership development (at least in number).

After we were appointed in March 2018, we began praying diligently that the Lord would provide 50% of our financial support by mid-June 2018 so that we could travel East to ABWE headquarters for training that summer.

And God came through! We hit 50% of our support within six weeks of really diving into partnership development and were able to attend our first round of training that summer.

Click here to read the post where we shared our big news and celebrated what God had done in our lives!

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