Happy Friday!!

We spent all week in our pajamas, trying to make it through French classes, making sure our kids ate something, and sanitizing everything.

It was a hard week.

In fact, Allen and I decided that this season is the hardest we’ve had yet. It feels more difficult than packing our container, leaving Alaska, and even last fall. Why? Mostly because we have no time together that isn’t focused on French homework, being with the kids, taking care of housework, or sleeping. If it weren’t for our 20-minute Coffee Couch Talks in the mornings, we wouldn’t have an opportunity to connect until late at night most days.

I’m not saying all that to complain. We are so thankful for the opportunity to learn French and be able to invest full-time in this schooling.

But I am saying that we are tired. We have one more week of class and then a week of spring break – hallelujah! And I have my first big exams today, so you can pray those go well.

Okay, so all that aside, here are some highlights from the week:

When our LifeGroup heard we were down for the count with a stomach bug and colds, they pulled out all the stops to bless us. One family brought over Gatorade, Pedialite, and crackers. Another family brought soup and bread for dinner. And other reached out to see how we were feeling. We were blown away by their kindness and generosity towards our family. The body of Christ is beautiful.

Pretty much our whole week looked like this:

Watching lots of movies in jammies.

Or like this:

Sleeping in whatever position we can.

Or like this:

Kids taking over the bed

Or like this:

More jammie snuggles.
Snuggles during class.

But before this sickness took over, we had such a great time at a marriage conference at our church! Friday night and Saturday morning, we heard great teaching about how and why we need to invest in our marriage. (Which is why this season is particularly difficult!)

Coffee break between sessions!

We had a lot of big takeaways from the conference. We’re excited to implement some of them and see how the Lord works in our lives and marriage.

We also finally snuck out of our house yesterday afternoon when Allen finished class to get a special snack. We hadn’t left (except to check the mail) since Sunday and we were all going stir-crazy. So we loaded up (still in our pajamas and slippers) and snagged hot drinks and donuts. It was worth it!

And finally, we’ve spent a chunk of the week listening to French worship music on YouTube. It has been so encouraging hearing some of our French Bible verses we have memorized mentioned in the songs! For example, this one is long but ties directly to Proverbs 3.9-10, which I memorized for this week:

We are praying for those who are impacted by the terrible winter weather right now. (Besides some icy snow on our lawn yesterday morning, we’ve been fine.)

We hope you have a safe, warm, and blessed weekend!

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