Day in the life: language school edition

We’ve shared a couple “Day in the Life” posts, just because it’s fun for us to be able to look back and see how life changes in each season and space. Previously, we’ve shared about life on the ranch and life during our intensive French program.

We documented last Thursday (and it turned out to be kind of a rough day) and we’re sharing it with you today!

Our kids are (mostly) sleeping through the night; sometimes Ruth comes to our room to sleep on our floor. But by 6:30am, Hudson was awake and wanting some snuggles.

By 6:45am, I had pulled together a quick breakfast for the kids (banana muffins we made during the week, some drinkable yogurt, and berries)…

During breakfast, we work our way through this “Attributes of God” flashcard set. Each letter stands for a different attribute and I love hearing our kiddos say, “God is omnipotent!” On the back, there’s a description of what that means and a corresponding Bible verse.

After breakfast and alphabet cards, I did a little workout that was interrupted by a beautiful sunrise while Allen got ready for the day.

The next hour or so was a rush of getting ready for the day, reading my Bible, and setting up for class. I spend the last few minutes before class praying for good understanding and success in French and by 8:40am, I’m sitting at the desk in our bedroom connecting to Zoom. Class starts at 8:45am.

Allen and the kids play while I have class. I get a good break mid-morning, so at 10:18am, our class took a break and I got some Clara snuggles.

Allen hung up some of Hudson’s birthday posters in his room while he had a minute of peace…

And then I went back to my class by 11:00am. Class carried on until about 12:15pm and then I was done for the day! We ate lunch together (a Batts staple: breakfast burritos).

After lunch, I put Hudson down for a nap while Allen got ready for class. I made some tea and watched a movie with the girls for their quiet time.

After Hudson woke up (and Ruth had changed into her pajamas), we played with Duplo Legos. Side note: we LOVE Duplos. We have a huge box of them on our shipping container, but have also created a smaller collection here in Tennessee. We have a marble run Duplo set, which is super fun to build with. We play with them literally every single day.

Allen finished class at 4:30pm and joined us in Lego building…

And then at about 5:00pm, everything started falling apart.

One of the kids spilled a cup of juice on the floor. As we were cleaning it up, Allen noticed that the drawer under the table was loose.

When he went down to the garage/basement to get a screwdriver, a light fell off a shelf and shattered. He tightened the drawer, then had to go clean up a bunch of glass.

We were very tired and frustrated… so we took a forced smile picture together:

Usually on Thursdays, we go to Life Group at 6:30 and are back home around 8:30pm, so dinner is a little more rushed and bedtime is pushed back. But this day, we knew we had a lot of homework and things were just a little crazy at home. So instead, we just ate dinner, cleaned the kitchen, and let the kids play for a few minutes.

Then it was Bible reading, prayer, a bedtime song, and cuddles.

Post bedtime, Allen and I worked on homework for hours, then went to bed ourselves!

So there you go. There’s a day in our life right now!

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