Tuesday talk: 9 feb. 2021

Bonjour, nos amis! Mondays are long and tiring, so we’re happy it’s Tuesday. Grab some coffee or tea and let’s chat a little bit.

I wish we were together right now, talking about this over coffee or lemonade. I’d love to lean in and hear your heart, how God is growing you and shaping you. Here’s a little about what He is doing in us:

Right now, our pastor here in TN (well, technically our church is in north Georgia) is preaching through the book of Mark. We are loving this series and it is challenging us to really evaluate who Jesus is in our lives.

It is clear in Mark’s Gospel that Jesus is God’s Son. It is clear He has authority.

So how are we submitting to God as the final authority in our lives? In our marriage? In our parenting? In our ministry?

I’ll be honest: already language school is putting us through the fire, burning away the chaff and purifying what is left over. Already we are having to surrender to God’s authority, to take up our Armor and engage in the Spiritual battle around us.

But we do so knowing that as the Son of God, Jesus sets things right again. He overcomes. And He makes us more than overcomers, too.

That makes us about as joyful as Hudson with some cars:

Okay, so here’s how we need prayer this week:

For French studies (always). Pray we’ll have ears to understand and mouths to speak. Pray that we’ll be disciplined to practice and will find more people here with whom we can practice.

That we will keep Jesus the main thing. It is alllll about Him. We want that to be evident in our lives and family.

For fun time as a family… whatever that looks like in this season.

How can we be praying for you, friends?

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