Friday Favorites

Yesterday, Clara was pouring herself some lemonade from a pitcher when the whole thing just fell over. We are still aren’t sure if she spilled it, or the pitcher just tipped, or what happened. But nonetheless, there was sticky, sweet lemonade all over the table and the floor.

As we were cleaning it up with two huge bath towels, Allen noticed that the drawer under the table was a little loose. So he ran down to the garage to grab a screwdriver to tighten it up.

While he was coming back up with the screwdriver, a lightbulb fell on the garage stairs and shattered. Everywhere. I heard the glass break from across the house.

And then the kids decided it would be a great opportunity to run around screaming like wild banshees who just ate three pounds of candy.

And if that doesn’t aptly sum up our week, I’m not sure what does. Surely there’s a profit in there somewhere, right?!

But in all honesty, here are some of our favorites from the last seven days:

I still snuggle this guy to sleep every bedtime and nap time. He looks bigger and bigger everyday, so I think I’ll just keep it up.
We had some beautiful sunshine this week, which called for soccer and bubbles (and silly faces) outside.
We spotted this beautiful orange, pink, and purple sunrise out our window yesterday before all craziness broke loose.
A Costco trip after church called for hotdogs the size of small children.
Also, we always laugh at how Clara eats hotdogs like they are corn on the cob.
Allen, Hudson, and I made our January newsletter video.

Today, Allen has a French test, friends are coming over for dinner, and we are preparing for the weekend (and week) ahead.

Have a great weekend, friends!

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