Happy Birthday, Hudson!

Today, we celebrate Hudson’s second birthday! We kicked off his birthday week with biscuits and gravy and a fun train ride on Saturday and are following it up today with a trip to the neighborhood playground after French class.

I’m not kidding when I say that God knew we needed Hudson in our family. He is the missing link we didn’t know we had. Here are some of our favorite things about our little boy:

Hudson is sweet. Multiple times a day, Hudson tells me, “Mama, nug you couch!,” which means he wants to snuggle on the couch. He’ll climb right up on my lap, bury his head on my shoulder, tuck his arms underneath mine, and just lay there. Every time he sees me throughout the day, he exclaims, “Mama!!!!!” and wants to be picked up and snuggled. I still lay next to Hudson for every nap and bed time and those little snuggles are so sweet for both of us!

Hudson is funny. From pretending to be a ferocious dinosaur to making silly faces, Hudson just makes us laugh. He’s constantly doing something goofy to catch us off guard. He loves to see us laughing over one of his silly antics.

Hudson is passionate. Cars, tractors, trains, dinosaurs… Hudson is a boy of many passions… and he lets you know that! If Ruth or Clara takes one of his beloved toys, Hudson will make sure everyone knows about it. Lately, he’s wanted to carry trains everywhere and when we hear a train whistle (which we do multiple times a day in our house), Hudson will exclaim, “Train! Hear it?! Train! Hear it?!” until we acknowledge that yes, we heard the train, too.

Hudson is a problem solver. Most mornings, Hudson will climb out of his bed, grab his little step stool, and bring it into our room. He’ll set it in place next to our bed just so he can climb in and snuggle in the morning. And then yesterday, one of his trains was on the girls’ dresser, just out of his reach. Instead of complaining or asking for help, he simply walked to the dining room and dragged a chair across the house to their room so that he could climb up himself and snag it. It’s so fun seeing his mind working.

Happy birthday, Hudson! We love you!!

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