Ministry Update

God used an orphan ministry to call us to Togo… but, as in all ministry, things have changed drastically since we were first appointed by ABWE. We want to share an update about how we see God leading our family in ministry now, nearly three years post-appointment.

So let’s back up. We knew in 2017 that God was preparing our hearts and our family for something. We thought it would have to do with adoption, but we were actively waiting to see what it would be. During a mission trip to Ghana, God started to peel back the curtain and gave us more glimpses of what was next.

In short: running an orphanage in central Togo, working to place kids in families.

We knew there were some differing opinions and possibilities surrounding the ministry, but we were all in, if that’s what God was going to have us do.

So for over a year, we worked towards that end goal.

But during our sight visit in May 2019, that plan to serve in an orphanage setting shifted. This post tells the whole story

In short: God closed the doors on the orphan ministry, but had opened doors for us to serve in children’s ministry working in conjunction with local churches through partnerships and discipleship.

Now, that is still our plan.

We seek to make disciples who are committed followers of Christ by providing churches with training in sustainable, duplicative children’s ministry that utilizes local resources. As Togolese churches engage kids and families, they will be able to teach and disciple the next generation of believers. And we believe that God can use the Togolese church in great ways to build His kingdom.

Want to join in on that work? We’d love to have you as part of our prayer or financial team. Increases to our insurance premiums have left us less than fully funded and we are looking for who else God has called to join in His work in Togo. One percent of our monthly support is just $75/month. We’d love to share more with you if God is leading you in that direction.

Thanks, friends, for your support and encouragement as we’ve walked through this calling. To God be the glory, great things He has done!

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