Tuesday Talk: 19 Jan. 2021

The last song we sang in church on Sunday was exactly what we needed to hear, so we wanted to start this post by sharing it with you. It is beautiful and challenging and lovely.

“Highlands (Song of Ascent)” by Hillsong

One of my favorite portions of scripture is the Psalms of Ascent and I love that this song is reflective of that: drawing close to God, regardless of what you’ve experienced to get there.

This week, we’re just really thankful:

  • For the body of Christ.
  • For the opportunity to invest a significant length of time in learning French so that we can minister effectively in Togo and wherever else God leads us.
  • For the beautiful home we can call “ours” for the next year.
  • For people walking alongside us and for friends in town from Togo!
We love the Wards!

You can continue to pray for:

  • Success in language learning
  • Wise use of our time
  • Patience and positive attitudes
  • Our kids

Have a great week, friends, as we continue to trust the God of both mountains and valleys.

One thought on “Tuesday Talk: 19 Jan. 2021

  1. It’s beautiful to see you guys celebrating the body of Christ, your time at language school, a beautiful home and a growing family overseas. God is a faithful loving Father!


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