A New Year Challenge

In lieu of a Friday Favorites post, we want to do two things:

  1. Re-share a post from last year about Imaginings. We write new Imaginings annually and this post talks through the process of how anyone can “Imagine” things. The concept is based on Ephesians 3:20 – “Now to Him who is able to do abundantly more than all we can ask or imagine…” God has used Imaginings a lot in our marriage, and we love hearing about how He uses them in others’ lives, too! So there’s that!
  2. Next, We want to challenge you in a new way. We can all agree that 2020 was an unexpected year. And I think we can all agree that 2021 hasn’t started out so hot either. However, the status of our country, the political goings-on around the world… none of that should distract us from the call to go and make disciples (Matthew 28:19-20). So here’s the question:

How can God use you to make disciples this year?

Did you read that? Did you think about it at all?

How can God use you to make disciples this year?

That’s our command, after all. That’s the task before us. But sometimes, we don’t even know where to start. Well, here are some ideas:

  • Physically engage in discipleship however and wherever you can. That college-aged student, a mama with young babies, or your next door neighbor may be in need of some encouragement. Be the source for them. Share scripture and pray together. Start a Bible study or read a book. It doesn’t have to be hard, just walk alongside them in life. If you’re going to the store, invite them along or ask if they need anything. Buy too much toilet paper? Share with them. Text them a funny joke or story. Just engage and point to Jesus.
  • Pray for the nations… and pray for your neighborhood. Pray that God will raise up people to go next door and to the next country… and be willing to be that person. Pray that God will send His Spirit before His people. Pray that the work of His people will be fruitful for His kingdom. Pray that God will use you where you are. And if you don’t know your neighbors, meet them this year! Drop a card and a picture of your family on their front porch if nothing else just to say hi.
  • Give sacrificially to missions. This is not always financial. And missions is not always overseas. Take your extra coats to a homeless shelter and pray as you do for the people receiving them. Take the time to make cookies for your neighbors. Commit to giving 5% more to missions this year than last year. But first, ask God how He’d have you give this year, and then do it.

Imagine if we all stepped out and asked God how He could use us to fulfill His great commission. Imagine how much more He could do if we were willing and made ourselves available?

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