Tuesday Talk: 12-29-2020

It’s the last Tuesday of 2020! It was nice for us to take a mini-break last week over Christmas, and now we are eagerly anticipating what the next year holds!

First, we hope you had a very merry Christmas celebrating Jesus’ birth with loved ones. We spent most of the day in our pajamas, reading the Christmas story from the Bible, opening presents, and eating yummy food.

Now, we are once again in the throes of packing. We’re up to 7 totes and three suitcases so far (how do we accumulate so many things?!) and they all have to fit in a 4×8 UHaul trailer.

So in light of that, here’s how you can be praying for us:

Safety Traveling. We’ll start our drive from Oregon to Tennessee on January 1st. Pray that things go smoothly and safely. Pray for good weather. And pray for the kids to be peaceful.

Mail Delivery. This seems odd, but we have some important packages we are waiting for, including our required workbooks for language school. Pray that they come in before Wednesday.

Partnership Development. We recently saw some changes to our required support level, and dropped below full funding. Pray that God will continue to build the team He wants us to have so that we can best serve Him.

Thank you for praying, friends! Have a great week!p

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Talk: 12-29-2020

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