Friday Faves: Christmas Parties and Traveling

The last week has been so full! As we sat down to write this post, we were surprised at all we did. We’ll take it day by day this week.


We spent the morning playing at the park, the afternoon packing, and the evening looking at Christmas lights with extended family!


In the morning and early afternoon, we celebrated Christmas with Allen’s family. We had brunch, played games, and had so much fun together! We spent the remainder of the day resting because we were all exhausted.


What started out as a great day quickly spiraled into kid meltdown mania. We ended up missing church because of it, and instead spent the day packing and shopping for last minute things. We don’t have any pictures because trust me, it was as boring as it sounds.


After packing (surprise!) and lunch with Allen’s dad, we dropped our kids off at Allen’s sister’s house to play with cousins… the Allen and I hit the road running last minute errands! In addition to the post office and WalMart, we took some flowers to Allen’s mom’s grave. She passed away in 2016 and we hadn’t been to her grave since the grave-side service. It was a nice moment, being able to leave some flowers there in her honor. We had dinner with Allen’s sister and her family and played some games together.


We woke up super early and headed for the airport Tuesday morning. And the rest of the day was boring: we sat on airplanes, wandered around nearly empty airports with very few stores and restaurants open, occupied tired and hungry kids, tried to coax them to nap, and finally made it to Oregon! We were so happy to grab our luggage and car seats off the carousel at the airport because it meant we were done traveling for the moment!


We stayed at my grandma’s house Tuesday night and Wednesday night, so we spent Wednesday just hanging out with her! We celebrated Ruth’s birthday again with cake, icecream, and family presents. She loved it all!


We spent most of the day driving out to my parents’ ranch and getting settled in! Over the summer, we slept up in the big cabin… but this time around, we are staying in their little cabin. There’s no electricity, so we’re enjoying reading together by the fire, sleeping with lots of cozy blankets, and having some quieter moments (when kids are asleep in bed, obviously… our house is rarely quiet when they are awake, unless we are reading “Mercy Watson” books together).

Have a blessed weekend, Friends!

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