Summer 2020 Ministries: MK Stories

We’ve been sharing some about our summer 2020 ministry focus. For me, ministry was mostly focused on our own kids… but Allen’s ministry expanded to start a new video series on our YouTube channel.

And in fact, his new project was really for our own kids, too. MK Stories are a monthly video series that highlight missions and ministry from our kids’ perspective.

We wanted to find a way to better involve our kids in what God has called our family to, and this has turned into a fun way to do that!

Typically, Ruth talks in the videos, narrating what the kids have been up to in the previous month while video clips offer another glimpse.

Allen finished and published another MK Story yesterday about our time in Alabama:

Click here to see all the MK Stories.

And like always, please feel free to share them with your kids or children’s ministry classes at your church!

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  1. Where do you guys find the time to do everything 🤷🏽‍♂️ You guys are like the most busy & accomplished couple we know!!! Keep the videos coming and God bless!

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