Tuesday Talk: 15 Dec. 2020

It’s another travel day… a long travel day. From arriving at the airport here in Alabama to leaving the airport in Oregon, it’ll be about 17 hours of travel time. With three kids. And have I mentioned I broke my toe the other day?


One thing we’ve learned this year from all of our traveling is that we ALWAYS need one more suitcase. There’s ALWAYS enough stuff leftover after we think we’ve packed everything to fill another bag. Why is that? Where does it all come from? And how do we get a Mary Poppins bag that magically expands while still fitting under the seat in front of us?

Anyway, here’s how you can be praying for us:

  • Pray for our safety traveling, for no delays, and for our kids to nap on the planes!
  • I really did break my toe. And it really does hurt. So pray for that, especially as we walk through four airports today.

It’s a short and sweet list today because we’re due to board the plane at any minute… Have a great week, friends! We praise God for you.

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