Summer 2020 Ministries: Part 2

Now that we’re done with the Kids’ Romans Bible Study, we are diving into other ministry topics. Last week, we shared some about my summer ministry… and today, we’re looking at Allen’s!

Allen had a really fruitful and growing time of ministry this summer and fall in Oregon.

When we began attending church in Bonanza with my parents, word quickly got around that Allen can play instruments. And shortly thereafter came an invitation to join part of the worship team!

Since we didn’t have any guitars with us (they’re all packed in our shipping container), Allen borrowed a classical guitar from Pam, a dear friend at Bonanza.

He played on Sunday mornings once or twice a month. And he played at a special church cookout/fellowship at a campground one Sunday evening.

God also used Allen in a preaching capacity: our church in Bonanza is without a pastor right now, so Allen jumped in and preached a series through the book of James over the course of a month.

Fun fact: Hudson’s middle name is James, after the book of the Bible!

Anyway, Allen’s four part series can be found here:

God worked through Allen’s faithful preparations and prayer to encourage and challenge us to walk by faith and to have that faith be evident in our lives.

Twice, Allen also taught at a men’s breakfast at church. The guys all gathered over food, coffee, and the word of God to grow in faith and fellowship together.

Allen preparing for sermons and Bible study at his “VariDesk”

And finally, Allen has a new(ish) found love of video editing! This summer, he and the kids started making MK (Missionary Kid) Stories. The short videos give a glimpse of what is going on our lives… through the eyes of our kids! Here’s a link to watch them all.

It was fun for me to see Allen leaning into the gifts God has given him: music, yes… but also teaching and preaching. There was much fruit from his service this summer. I can’t wait to see how God continues to use it!

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