Tuesday Talk: 12-8-2020

First of all, THANK YOU to everyone who texted, called, messaged, commented, and sent videos for Ruth’s birthday last Friday! We celebrated her all weekend and she loved every second.

Happy birthday girl at her Octonauts party

Second of all, we have a HUGE PRAISE! For over a month, we have been praying for a place to live in Chattanooga so that we could be there for language school…

Exploring Chattanooga last month

And we found out on Sunday that we were approved to live in a missionary house in town!

Thank you, God, for providing a nice 3-bedroom house for our family. And thank you, friends, for praying with us.

We plan to drive our Jeep from Oregon to Tennessee in late December/early January. We’ll spend a couple days with our friends in Knoxville and then move into the house on January 6th. Classes start the next week.

We are all so excited!

And that’s all, friends. Have a great week!

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