Happy 5th Birthday, Ruth!

Our oldest kiddo turns five today and we plan to celebrate her in a big way all weekend long!

In three words, Ruth Viola is imaginative, goofy, and decisive.

Whether she is telling us about her imaginary friend Elvy in Alaska, pretending her fork is a little girl at dinner time, or making up stories and games for her toys, Ruth’s imagination is constantly turned on. All day long, we hear, “Mama, I’m pretending to be so-and-so!” Or we hear about made up movies with different characters and plots. We love hearing the little stories and tales she invents!

Ruth loves to read books and watch movies, too, which I’m sure fosters her imagination. She loves to snuggle up on the couch or on a bed and read with me (especially Mercy Watson books). And she loves to color pictures, do craft projects, and learn during preschool.

Ruth is goofy. This kid can make silly faces like the best of them and she loves to make silly noises to accompany them. When I’m having a bad day or am grumpy, she’ll walk up to me and act so goofy then ask, “Does that help you feel better, Mama?”

Ruth’s heart for others is huge and she’ll do whatever she can to help others feel better.

And Ruth is decisive. Girl knows what she wants (and doesn’t want). From food to clothes, when Ruth decides something, that’s that. She likes Mexican food and cozy clothes. She likes purple more than pink. She doesn’t like when Clara or Hudson take her toys. And she is a pro at trying to negotiate “Five more minutes!” at whatever she’s doing.

Ruth is teaching us what is worth a fight (yes, you have to eat fruit and vegetables) and what isn’t (I don’t care if you wear sweatpants to the store). And she also reminds us to not be so serious and to imagine things again, just like kids do.

It has been a big year for Ruth: leaving home in Alaska was tough, leaving Mimi and Papa in Oregon was tough, and being moved around all fall was tough. But she is so strong and is learning to be brave.

We’re spending her 5th birthday getting her staples removed, eating donuts, and driving to visit friends in Jasper, AL. We’ll have an Octonauts-themed party for her on Sunday (she’s so excited!!) with nachos for lunch.

But we’re also spending all weekend celebrating her life and thanking God for her.

Happy birthday, Ruthie Vi! We love you!

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