Summer 2020 Ministries: Part 1

After moving out of Alaska at the beginning of the summer, life looked totally different. But we knew that we still wanted to be involved in ministry somehow while we were settled in Oregon. So we waited for God to open the doors…

And while we waited, we realized that ministry was going to look very different than it has in the past. Life, in general, looked very different!

Today we’re going to share about my summer ministry experience, then next week, we’ll talk about Allen’s.

In Alaska, I worked while Allen went to school and stayed home with kids. He was their primary caretaker during the day.

But in Oregon, that changed. He was often out during the day working on projects with my dad while I was usually back at the cabin watching the kids. My parents helped immensely, and Allen continued to as well… but it was generally up to me to care for them.

And it was great… but it was different and hard. For the first time in our marriage, we were embracing more traditional roles. To be honest, I didn’t always know what to do or how to handle things.

But I began learning that this – faithfully caring for my kids – was the biggest part of my ministry. It reminded me of a quote I love:

I spent the summer starting to learn how to balance caring for our kids with completing our Islamic studies course, continuing prefield ministry, teaching homeschool preschool, my own interests and hobbies, and the small communications business I started in order to do some contract work.

I’m still learning that.

I’m still learning that this is the most important ministry: raising my kids. It is imperative that I spend my time pouring into their hearts the love and Truth of Christ so that He is glorified in their lives. It is critical work that cannot be shifted off to someone else.

And each time I think about it, I am convicted again of how far I have fallen from doing that well. I’m reminded again that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, not through my own willpower and careful planning. As I lean into Him and allow His grace to mold me, I am able to model and pour that grace into the lives of my kids. I remember to see them as unique image bearers of the King who have been set apart for a specific calling that matters in eternity. And I have the unique privilege of helping them uncover and grow into that calling.

So that’s my main ministry now: being a mama.

Yes, we’ve added the ministry of language learning to the mix, and Life Group in TN, and packing master… but my family remains my ministry focus.

What about you? What is your key ministry right now? How have you seen God growing you and shaping you through that ministry?

2 thoughts on “Summer 2020 Ministries: Part 1

  1. Currently we are in the middle of a church renovation project on the east side of Anchorage (PTL). Callan has been holding down the fort while I work 8-12hr shifts 7 days a week. I have no trade experience so it’s been difficult, but God is faithful to remind me (us) that this is a temporary set of circumstances and that hard work is a part of building His kingdom. So, that a summary of how life in AK is going for us. We will continue to pray for the will of God to be clear in the days ahead as you and the family navigate these very interesting times.

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