Tuesday Talk: Happy December!

It’s a new month and it’s a big month for our family! But we’ll get to that in a minute. First up…

Our November newsletter and video update went out yesterday! If you don’t see our emailed newsletter in your inbox or junk mail, you can click here to read the newsletter. Or watch our video update below:

Now, why is December such a big month for us? Well, Ruth’s 5th birthday is on Friday! We’re returning to Oregon on the 15th. My dad’s birthday is the 23rd, then Christmas two days later. And then we’re packing up and moving back to Tennessee! Phew.

With all those things in mind, here’s how you can be praying for us:

  • Rest. Our kids have been waking up all throughout the night, then are awake for good at about 5:00am (or earlier!) everyday. We’re just really exhausted, to be honest.
  • Housing. We don’t have permanent long-term housing in Tennessee for January yet. Pray that God will provide a house in the Chattanooga area.
  • Health. Ruth is getting her staples out on Friday (happy birthday – here are three souvenir staples!). And allergies have kicked in, so Hudson is all snotty-nosed and cranky. Just pray for God’s protection over us.
  • Wisdom. We keep asking ourselves, “What are we called to do while we are here in Alabama?” We are looking for ways God can use us… so pray that our eyes will be opened to see!

That’s about it, friends. We are so thankful for you!

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