Friday Faves

This week, we faced another big move, a trip to the ER, and wrapped up our French classes. We’ll just take things day by day because a lot happened!

Friday – Last Friday, we had a special ceremony to celebrate finishing our French course (even though we had two more days the next week). As a cohort, we sang some songs in French, a few of us recited Bible verses in French, there was a short devotion, and we received our certificates. It was such a special way to celebrate all that we had learned this fall!

Saturday – Our friends drove down from Knoxville for the day and else had so much fun adventuring in Chattanooga with them! Our kids and the Gurley kids hit it off when they met a couple weeks ago, which made me so happy because Ashley and I have been friends since high school. Anyway, we hung out at our apartment before going downtown. We walked across the pedestrian bridge, got pizza and ice cream, and played as the sunset. It was dreamy and a great way to spend our last weekend in town.

Sunday – We went to church, ate lunch, and spent the afternoon packing and trying to keep kids entertained. Allen went to a guys’ night with our life group and had a delicious hamburger. We’re really thankful for the people God brought into our lives here.

Monday – French class and packing,

Tuesday – French class and packing… and a surprise trip to the ER.

Allen and I were outside loading the car when Ruth came outside holding then back of her head and crying. She moved her hand and it was covered in blood. She finally told us that she was climbing the ladder to the bunk bed when she fell and hit the back of her head on the window sill. It split her head right open and the cut was pretty deep. I loaded her into the car and sped to the ER, praying the whole way.

Praise God, they took us right back and gave Ruth a banana popsicle. She calmed down and we watched LEGO Friends while waiting for her evaluation and treatment.

Praise God that there were no neurological side effects. She got three staples in the back of her head (to be removed on her birthday – Dec. 4). Every time she felt anxious, we said Psalm 56:3 aloud – “When I am afraid, I put my trust in You.” So every nurse and doctor who came into our room heard my little girl testifying that her trust is in God alone.

Thank you to everyone who prayed for her that day and has continued to pray for her recovery. We are so thankful and praise God for His protection over her. Now we are praying that the staple removal goes smoothly and that God covers her with His peace.

Wednesday – Tuesday’s events threw off our game. But we finally loaded everything up on Wednesday morning, finished cleaning the apartment, and turned in our keys… only to ask to be let back in to get the kids’ snack boxes. Oops.

We headed down to Alabama, stopping for lunch at Cracker Barrel along the way. We got to Allen’s dad’s house and settled in.

Thursday – We are celebrating Thanksgiving with Allen’s family today, so yesterday was a free day, if you will. We ended up watching some movies, working on a puzzle, and playing at a playground for a while. we had dinner at Allen’s sister’s house and the kids loved playing with their cousins. It was a low-key day, which was nice after the craziness of the last couple days!

And now, here we are. Thanks to a slide incident at the playground yesterday, I need new jeans, so we’ll be braving a store soon to do some shopping.

We’re here in Alabama until mid- December, then we fly back to Oregon for Christmas. In late December or early January, we’ll load up the Jeep and drive it back down to Tennessee to start our formal language classes online in January. We’ll share more about that next week in our November newsletter and video!

Have a great weekend, friends! We are thankful for you.

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