Tuesday Talk: 11-24-2020

Today is the last day of our French crash course! In the last 6 and a half weeks, we’ve studied (or plowed) our way through three semesters of college-level French. Phew.

Thank you a million times over for every prayer and note of encouragement. There were some pretty tough days in the mix and we are thankful to the Lord for sustaining us and to our friends and family for walking alongside us.

Now, here’s what’s up next for us:

Tomorrow (Wednesday), we check out of our cozy apartment here in Chattanooga and head to Alabama. We’ll spend Thanksgiving and a couple weeks with Allen’s family.

In mid-December we’ll fly to Oregon, where we will celebrate Christmas with my parents. We’ll also get a tune up on the Jeep and repack the boxes we left there…

… because around the New Year, we will load up into the Jeep and drive back down here to Tennessee!

Wait, what?

As we prayed about what to do in January, we started feeling God leading our family to return here to Tennessee. Our French classes will be online for at least 6 months (according to rumors on the street) and being here in TN allows us to be better aligned with time zones. We’ve also plugged into a church that has a great children’s ministry for our kids, a Life Group that we love already, and such strong Biblical teaching that we can sense God growing us in great ways.

Plus, our dear friends who live in Knoxville generously offered to let us store some stuff at their house and live with them for as long as we need to. There is also a potential that we can stay in a missionary house down here in the Chattanooga area. We would move in in January.

Our classes will start on January 11th. We’d like to be settled into our new home by then so that we can start well.

So how can you be praying for us?

Pray for safety in all our upcoming travels.

Pray for us all to transition well and settle into good routines.

Pray for God to provide housing for us; specifically, pray that He will open the doors for us to stay at the missionary house through Woodland Park Baptist Church, if that’s where He wants us.

Pray that we will be disciplined to continue our French learning even while we aren’t in class.

We are so thankful for our time here in Tennessee and so excited to be coming back in a couple of months. Being here has been good for us.

Have a great week, friends. Happy Thanksgiving and to God be the glory; great things He has done!

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